zondag 23 juli 2017

The Arabs and the truth about the occupation

Arab Mohammedans regularly murder Jewish civilians in Israel. They call this resistance, rather than carnage. They, and their supporters in the West, claim that such brutal actions, done unto innocent individuals, are somehow justified because Israel is "occupying" land that (they claim) belongs to the Palestinians.

Palestinians are Arabs. The homeland of the Arabs is the Arabian peninsula. Every region outside that peninsula that currently has an Arab population is land that the Arabs have violently stolen from others. So regardless of who is the rightful historical owner of any particular piece of land outside of the Arabian peninsula, we can say with absolute certainty that the Arabs cannot be those owners. So you want to talk about "occupation"? That's fine. Let's end the occupation right now.

The Arab occupation, that is. The horrible occupation, perpetrated by Arabic Mohammedans, of any and all land outside the Arabian peninsula. That occupation should be ended at once. All Arab settlements outside the Arabian peninsula should be evacuated and/or demolished. Those lands should be restored to their previous owners. (Incidentally, as far as Judea and Samaria are concerned, those rightful owners are... the Jewish people.)

Similarly, the Turkish occupation of any and all land outside the Turkish homeland in north-central Asia should be ended at once. All Turkish settlements outside north-central Asia should be evacuated and/or demolished. In particular, Anatolia should be emptied of Turkish occupiers, and given back to its rightful Indo-European inhabitants (i.e. Greeks, Kurds, Armenians).

Let's end those occupations right away. Afterwards, when we are re-allotting the land recently cleared of all the aforementioned occupiers, we can discuss such matters as the exact historic boundaries of the Jewish homeland. No Arab needs to be involved in that conversation, because no Arabs lived there historically, no Arabs will be living there in this liberated future, and - most importantly - no Arabs should be living there now.

Get the fuck out, you hypocritical occupiers of other peoples' homelands. Go back to your desert and leave the rest of us in peace. We do not want you or your stinking death cult. We never did.