zaterdag 24 juni 2017

Those who reject the essential characteristics of humanity cease to be human

Look at this picture. What does this tell you? Do you comprehend, when looking at it, how dangerous and evil it is? Oh, it's not satirical, if that's what you're thinking. This is genuine leftist propaganda, nakedly claiming that individual rights, reason, logic, and the scientific method are "white inventions", and that (simply because they are supposedly "white") they are also "racist".

Yes. "White is racist" is their actual contention, I kid you not. But let's leave that aside for the moment. It's pretty clear to anyone with a functional brain that self-declared "progressives" are all too often scary collectivists who can only think in groups. Nothing new there. But they also claim that individual rights, reason, logic, and the scientific method are "white" and "racist" concepts. They claim that because these concepts were primarily studied and formalised by white people, these ideas are somehow white. It's like thinking that because a white man discovered how gravity works, nonwhites are somehow exempt from gravity.

In other words, the very notion that ideas have a race is absurd beyond belief. Yet besides absurd, it is also evil. Made no mistake: this kind of nonsense isn't harmless. It's very dangerous nonsense indeed. It's an attack on civilisation and on humanity itself.

To be sure, it's no surprise to me that "progressives" will steep so low as to make these claims. To them, it's only natural. After all, they must understand (even if only on an instinctive level) that those who respect individual rights will reject the totalitarian state that "progressives" always demand to enforce their own ideas. Because they want to force their will on others, they must destroy the rights of others. And because those who use reason and logic will always be able to identify most "progressive" dogmas as utter nonsense, they must erase reason and logic. Because those who adhere to the scientific method will find that there are certain evident facts about race, gender, IQ and many other subjects that "progressives" don't want to accept, they will have to do away with the scientific method.

To sustain their own ideology, they must reject individual rights, reason, logic, and the scientific method. But those things are the very fundamentals of civilisation and of humanity itself. If we imagine a world without rights, without reason or logic, without science... we are looking at the animal kingdom. The "progressives" would reduce us to beasts of the earth. They would seek to destroy the very things that make humanity unique. And in so doing, in rejecting those precious things... they mark themselves as less than human. A human without rights, without reason, without logic, without the critical thinking skills that are the essence of science... such a human isn't a human at all. It is a human only in a physical sense, It is in actual fact merely a human-shaped beast.

Understand this, for it is crucial: those who reject the essential features of humanity are no longer human. Understand it and apply it in your life. Apply this fundamental lesson: that those who deny individual rights, reason, logic, and the scientific method have no business appealing to those things. They cannot claim what they deny.

If such sad creatures are put down like diseased livestock—which they are—this is not a violation of their individual rights. They deny the existence of individual rights, so based on their own stated worldview, they cannot possibly have any of those individual rights.

If they protest such treatment, whatever they say can and must be treated as the meaningless bleating of barnyard animals. To validly protest, one must have arguments. To have arguments, one must use reason and logic. They deny reason and logic. Therefore, they deny arguments. It follows—logically—that they cannot raise valid objections to anything.

If they are segregated into closed facilities for subhuman vermin, they cannot claim to be human. To determine such a thing, they'd need scientific proof. They deny the scientific method, however, and as such cannot get such proof.

Such "progressives", you see, have successfully seceded themselves from humanity. They reject the fundamentals of our human nature and human ability, and they cannot—must not—be allowed any longer to claim the fruits of human nature. They have rejected such gifts. They would deny those gifts to us. We must instead withhold from them the very things they would steal from us, so that they can wallow and perish in their self-made hell.

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